Our Clients

Amber Composites

We were hired to implement a newly created design into XHTML and build a content management system that would display content based on a visitor's location; either inside the UK or the US.

The system we developed includes a database-generated, 3-tiered menu system that displays categories and products based on the visitor's region. It also gives them the ability to upload PDFs and easily cross-link related products and case studies to each other.


CMS, Front-End UI, jQuery

Zaudhaus, Inc.
Cross-Linked Information
The system dynamically cross-links related products, industries, case studies, and file downloads based on meta data and user-supplied information.
Multi-Tier Navigation
Three levels of navigation are shared across a matrix of options. Users navigating through different paths will receive a different set of links based on their path.
Administrative Modules
These control the large amount of data accessible across the public site. This includes product information, downloadable files, images, and press releases.