Our Clients

Los Angeles Multifamily

LAMF is the marketing site for commercial realtor Peter Ciriello. We were tasked with developing a website that would reflect his level of professionalism and expertise, as well as, provide him with tools to help grow and promote his business online.

The website allows him to post current listings and past sales, manage a databank of contract listings across a wide range of categories, and capture leads via various forms and member registration modules.


CMS, Custom Development, Design, Flash/Video, Front-End UI
Dynamic Property Listings
Listings can be flagged as either "public" or "private" with the latter requiring a valid account. Listings can have multiple images and relevant downloads assigned to them.
Multi-Level User Accounts
The system allows for two different account levels, each having their own permissions and functionality. User's access is managed via administrative modules with lists being exportable into Excel format.
Administrative Modules
A comprehensive set of modules were developed to manage a range of content on the site. These include approving user accounts, managing property listings, adding 3rd party RSS feeds, and editing various copy sections.