Our Clients


A Seattle-based venture capital firm, Maveron maintains a diverse portfolio of consumer business clients. We were tasked with implementing the site's new branding effort and to development tools to allow them to maintain their ever-growing client list.

We developed a content management system that gives Maveron the ability to create dynamic, on-the-fly pages for both staff bios and portfolio companies. The CMS also integrates the use of online video, images, and cross-linked news and bios.


CMS, Flash/Video, Front-End UI, WordPress

Thunder Factory
Social Media
In addition to the website, three other marketing avenues were created (WordPress blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed), each feeding directly into the website to keep the content fresh and visitors update to date.
Content Management System
Client detail pages feature online video or images, cross-linked press releases, and team members. The CMS also includes multi-category news feeds and staff bios.
Administrative Modules
Easy-to-use modules give Maveron the ability to manage client and bio listings, upload video and image assets, and cross-link relevant data across the website.