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A nonprofit organization, WeOwnTV works with children and young adults in Sierra Leone providing them with skills and tools to produce, shoot, and edit amateur movies and documentaries.

Working with our partner, Zaudhaus, Inc., we were asked to implement their design and develop a back-end system to create user profiles with the ability to upload and display video posts. In addition, we integrated a WordPress blog with a custom theme.


CMS, Custom Development, Front-End UI, WordPress

Zaudhaus, Inc.
User Profiles
Lists all respective video posts organized by the month and year created. Profiles also include a short bio, age, and image - all controlled via the user's administrative module.
Related Videos
Utilizing keywords entered by the user when posts are created, the system automatically searches, links and displays additional video posts.
Administrative Modules
The modules contain a wide array of functionality all aimed at managing the vast amount of user-created content and profiles.